Medicine Informative Centre offers various issues for purchasing to the healthcare specialists

  List of reimbursable medicines

List of reimbursable medicines is a regular issue which summarizes the information about the List of reimbursable medicines which is effective in Latvia at the moment. The List is published four times every year.

Price – 8  EUR

  D.Pakalns. Herbal teas

This book is mainly focused on the most extensive aspect of using of herbs domiciliary – the herbal teas: both on their medical use and using in nutrition and hygiene. 12 chapters are written comprehensibly for the general audience. Herbal teas are divided according to the groups of organs in human body; the rational using of herbs in the cases of the most common conditions is viewed. The book reviews the use of herbs in the form of herbal teas in general, as well as the importance of these teas in treatment and prevention of the diseases. The most recent and essential scientific and practical views on the herbs are presented in this book. The book is intended for the physicians of any specialty, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in their everyday work, as well as for medical and pharmacy students. This issue can serve as a handbook for everyone caring for his or her health.

Price - 5,50 EUR

  J.Leja. Patient and health control tests

The book concisely and simply summarizes the advices on how to perform health control tests; what a patient should do if the test is positive, as well as about the interpretation of test results.

Price - 3,00 EUR

  J.Leja. Health control tests in a pharmacy

The role of a pharmacy has remarkably increased in terms of the health control and disease prevention. Nowadays, a person not only purchases medicines at the pharmacy, but also performs health control tests or buys everything needed to perform such a test at home. Here he or she also obtains an advice and a medicinal product according to his/her needs and resources. That is the reason why this book will be a great help for a pharmacist in performing the health control tests and consulting the patients on these questions.

Price - 1,30 EUR

Narcotic and psychotropic substances log book for pharmacies
Price – 4,50 EUR
For MIC clients – 4,00 EUR*

Narcotic and psychotropic substances log book for healthcare institutions
Price - 4,00 EUR
For MIC clients - 3,10 EUR*

Inappropriately processed prescriptions log book for pharmacies
Price - 2,10 EUR
For MIC clients - 1,40 EUR*

Position instructions for the officials working in companies of a pharmacy field
Price - 3,40 EUR
For MIC clients - 2,60 EUR*

* MIC clients – those who concluded a contract and subscribed to the informative services provided by the MIC